Anybody realized the most deceiving person on the show is the security guard that used to work at the White House? Like dude for real been scheming since day one.

"Oh to be young, gifted and black!!!"
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Are y’all seriously trying to get at Olivia for leaving? She got fed up with all the nonsense! She felt responsible and felt the only thing that could resolve anything that happened was to leave. She can’t pause her whole life for Fitz anymore.

After a very, very, very long absence from Tumblr due to a fast I participated in

I can say along with millions of people who feelings are mutual

that Shonda Rhimes

entirely in the history of television

got me fucked up.

But y’all remember when Abby and David was first messing around nobody was there for that and now they cute as hell honestly I’ll be a little sad if David does die

I think James got shot and Cyrus had probably set it up not knowing that James was Publius


his apology was less of an apology of what he did to James and more of that he was sorry of what was going to happen to him.